About the Waxoyl Centre

Our state of the art premises provides you with the best possible all around professional care for your motor vehicle including the Waxoyl range of products and services applied by our team of specialised professionals.

At our centre clients find the highest level of expertise,  personalised assistance from our service advisors and a better quality of service provided through a strengthened Customer Care Unit.

About Waxoyl

The Waxoyl Product range is specifically designed to protect, restore and maintain your car and other items of value. Waxoyl is now also available for a multitude of applications,  inlcuding but not limited to your boat, motorcycle, to restore your classic vehicle and also to protect your upholstered furniture .

From the research and development laboratory of the world leading Waxoyl AG, in Basel, Switzerland, we are proud to be able to offer you the complete range offered by Waxoyl Professional Products.

Each of these services or products can be provided on an individual basis, as also in combination with any other as required.